This page is dedicated to stories that I have decided to not finish, either due to time or creative ideas for each story. I’ve written many stories without endings, however many were lost on a flash drive in early 2015. If it would interest you to read any of the unfinished works, they’re down below in PDF form, just click on the title of the story to open the file. Thanks.

War Accord – This is the tale of Gareth Kane, a peacekeeper in a futuristic society. It isn’t written very well, and focuses more on his personal struggles than the general idea of peace, which he questions throughout the story. I decided to stop writing it after it got too wrapped around Gareth’s character than the peace and war moral I wanted to convey. Gareth started as an every man, a person without major emotions, an observer, but he changed as the story progressed, and it took away from the original idea. I had no clue how to end it, nor did I really want to continue Gareth onto a path of good, or any path for that matter. I spent a few months on this story, and I was excited to be working on it after my hiatus in writing, but the execution just wasn’t there. It just had to be ended, left unfinished.