A Picture

A thousand word, experimental short story

I find myself out of the situation. Placed not in the brightly lit classroom, but in a pool of thought, watching one fade in as others fade out. Watching the red glint of attraction fade at my feet. It seeps into the earth, which is white and sandy. I wonder where it goes. Maybe it digs through the earth, finding a place where it belongs. Maybe it will hide for now, until I look back up and try to hold it down with the sole of my shoe, keeping it buried forever. I miss it already.

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Autumn’s Rapport

The season everyone seems to adore

Is left dead in a comparison war.

For when leaves begin to fall

No one can tally the total all

Detrimental succession

Of my overall impression

Of your rapport.

Nothing in Autumn comes as green

As your smiling scene.

For when leaves begin to fall

Short days make time stall

And it’s never my desire

With you to retire

Because that would be obscene.

(Unless, of course, I can implore

Another usual Sunday tour).