Solomon (2015)

This is a story I wrote in homage to an earlier work, “clover”, that was completely lost. However a character from that story, Solomon, is explored in this piece: a tale that explores his journey through anorexia. Solomon finds himself in an eating disorder ward of a mental hospital after he reaches his breaking point.

It’s extremely amateur and not polished at all.


2 thoughts on “Novels

  1. I finally finished reading Solomon today. I started it last summer but somehow lost it in my bedroom for several months. (It was a mystery why I can’t find it, and it seems that the long pause and anticipation became part of my experience of reading it.) It had its good parts and bad parts, but I enjoyed particular insights, the relationships among the characters, and the characters themselves. You and I probably don’t have much in common except an appreciation of writing (and Vine), but it is nice that you share that work and this blog.

    By the way, I really want to read about Clover now.

    1. Oh wow, I really didn’t think anyone else would read it by this point. When I look back at Solomon, I realise how much I’ve grown as a writer since then. It’s hardly a draft, but I’m really glad you enjoyed the characters, which for me drove the story. Thanks for commenting, I really really appreciate it.

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