Kylie Eileen is a 18 year old who has been writing her entire life. From worn out notebooks to modern media, everything she writes is told from the heart, from the story within. She writes as often as possible, from complex, emotional tales to whatever school has her researching. However, still young, most pieces aren’t polished and stray from conventional story telling. She hopes to get better as the years veer onward.

Kylie has been recognized for her talent, writing with award winning journalistic style for her school’s Model United Nations club. She hopes to continue this trend throughout her life, and this fall is majoring in Cinema Studies with a minor in Economics at a university just outside of New York City.

The main goal of this blog is to get feedback and provide a simplistic, online portfolio of select works written.

It is also to display view points and opinions in the preferred form, for not only discussion but further practice in writing and clearly conveying ideas.

If you’d like to know anything else please feel free to email, thank you.