Perceptions // poem

I feel

in color.

Your green songs

And our violet lines

And the way the air looks during sunset.

The soft, blue

Way our arms touch


The pink evenings of June,

And sad, brown winters.

The grainy escapes of


The rosey and rhythmic round


The yellow curves of sound,

Of singing.

And even the way it’s dark purple

When I’m stuck in sand, breathing in water;

It’s all better

than a world


I have to write 2 poems for my creative writing class. I don’t think I’ll use this one, so I thought I’d post it here. It’s on synesthesia and how it sometimes transcends normal senses and wanders off into feelings. I had to explain it to someone recently, and- honestly- it’s as difficult as explaining taste. But, hopefully I can kind of capture it in a poem. -KE


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